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become a partner

The mandate upon this house [to connect people with God and ultimately guide them towards achieving their God-given purpose on this earth] requires that our resources –spiritual, financial and intellectual –be pulled together in order to achieve it. For, we know that, it is humanly impossible for one man or a few people to bring this vision to its fulfillment. Partnership, therefore, is the means by which our resources are effectively pulled together for the work of ministry.


Partnership connects you fully with the work of ministry. When you become a partner you become a part of something greater than yourself –something greater than us all. You are answering a call of God to spread this gospel of Love, one met-need at a time. 

At HCF, you can partner with us through giving, and through prayers.


Partnership (as an alumni) is your way of giving back. Acknowledging that you were blessed and changed by HCF and now you want to be a blessing to ensure that generations after you benefit even more than you did in your time here. 

Partnership is a two way relationship. You are committed to what God is doing through us and we are committed to you as well. When you partner you receive exclusive prayers, resources and gifts directly from our pastor monthly. A team is dedicated to praying for you and your house weekly to see that your life is an epitome of testimonies.


We understand that it is no small task to part with money and time so, we want you to know that we are accountable to you. We will always send updates to intimate you of how your commitment, generosity and sacrifice is impacting God’s mandate for this house and beyond.



“Partnership is not just giving, it is a covenant entered by faith through sacrifice – either time, money or both – for the advancement of the purposes of God on the earth.”

– Pastor Niyi Osadare

I invite you to partner with me and this ministry financially and prayerfully in the accomplishment of God’s mandate; so that, together, we can:

Go to more places

Reach more people

Impact and develop our community and

Impact our world, one realized destiny at a time

It is my desire, if you feel the need to be committed, that you start at the level you presently are; no pressure just consistency required. Jesus said ‘’If you are faithful in little, you will be made lord over much’’.

Challenge yourself to start giving from where you are today and grow as the Lord increases your capacity. Commit to pray even if it is for five minutes and watch how God will empower you for more.

-Pastor ‘Niyi Osadare.