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hcf academy

Discover your best self

At HCF, we believe that every skill gained is learned. HCF Academy is designed to equip you to impact your world and prepare you for the purpose and the future you were created for. We seek to holistically develop you to influence your community and world, by basing systemic lessons on kingdom principles. Register in our school today.


Build your core, get back to the basics

We believe that the foundations we build are crucial to our Christian faith. FS provides practical tools and guidelines that enable you develop and sustain an intimate relationship with the Father, personally and in church. You also learn about our church family and God’s mandate to us and the part you can play in fulfilling that mandate. This is the first level.

personal development school

Your journey to self-discovery

Understanding God’s purpose for your life is essential to the fulfilment of your destiny. PD is designed to help you understand your uniqueness and how to apply it as you get closer to discovering God’s purpose for you.

leadership development school

There is a leader in you

Great leaders come in different forms. Within you is a great leader waiting to be discovered. LD, the third level of HCFA, has been carefully outlined to help you harness those qualities and start you on your journey to developing your leadership skills.

organizational leadership development school

Built for the system

Discovering and harnessing your qualities start you on your journey to being a great leader. Premised upon principles such as teamwork, responsibility and accountability, Organizational Leadership Development School, the fourth level of HCFA trains you to become an effective leader, primarily in your workplace.

strategic leadership development school

Stay ahead, build a generation

A great leader is one that raises a generation of other leaders, SLD, the fifth level of HCFA, is tailored to equip you to become a leader of leaders. SLD ignites the visionary within you and groom you to groom others. The skills you acquire will help you stay ahead of your team and time, and build a lasting legacy.

resource center

At HCF we believe in expanding our mind and broadening our knowledge through constant study. Our –simplicity bookstore– is stocked with books by various local and international authors on a variety of subjects. On the off chance that you do not find what you are looking for, you can always place an order.

Build your faith by staying in the Word. Click here to download message by Pastor Niyi Osadare

Coming 2020. Available in French and English. Sign up now!


Address: Four buildings left of Hotel Casa Cornelia, PK10 (Pekadix) Cotonou, Benin Republic.

Phone: (229) 94 61 74 77


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