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More Information about our teams

Our Service teams are called units. And these units are grouped according to their function in Church. These groups are called Families and there are three of them.

the worship family

The Worship Family consists of teams responsible for leading the church in worship to our God; through music or creative arts. Their service is designed to create an atmosphere that connects people’s heart to God. These teams are The SERENADES choir and musical team, GENERATION NEXT dance team, EXPRESSIONS acting and creative arts team and GAPSTANDERS (prayer) team.

the service family

The Service Family comprises of teams whose responsibilities put them in direct contact and close proximity with people. Their service is designed to ensure the comfort of members during service and the general care of all members. These teams are Care and Welfare team, Sanctuary Keepers and cleaners, King’s Aid ushers and protocol team, Security and Maintenance team, and the Technical and Visual team.

the outreach family

The Outreach Family is made up teams who ensure that the church reaches people beyond its immediate location with the love and message of Christ, and the vision our church. These teams are: Ignite Team (Our publication team), Evangelism & Follow-up unit, Media Production unit, Information and Contact Centre and the Transportation and Logistics Unit.