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brief history

Hnaub Christian Fellowship commenced in the month of November, 2003, as a prayer group on Houdegbe North-American University, Benin campus. The ministry fully started (other activities) a year after, as a campus Fellowship. However, we still regard 2003 as our starting year.

Our mandate was to bring students together, irrespective of their denomination or faith walk, in honor of Jesus, to the glory of God and for fellowship with one another.

Seeing that most of the students of HNAUB at the time were mostly English speaking Nigerians who had found themselves in a new environment, God positioned us here to create a home where everyone felt accepted, loved and less alone.

Over the years we have seen God use us to equip the younger generation for a more-fulfilling life, centered on Jesus. And our initial 12-member church began to grow daily, one person at a time.

In 2010, with our heart still set on the youth, we began to transition into a church that accommodates for youth of all ages and walks of life. We no longer limited our focus and membership to the students in our community. Our membership now included families, business owners and more. This transition birthed ministries that catered to families, singles, men and women.

We are a Youth centered ministry. Sent not only to the young in age but also to the young at heart.

Today, we are branching out to other parts of the world, starting with Nigeria, as Connection Church International. Subsequently, HCF will become the youth ministry of CCI located in Cotonou, with other Youth ministries to follow.


  • Live as unto the Lord; giving Him glory in all we do.
  • Don’t do life alone; find and provide support and encouragement from and to other believers.
  • Fortify your faith; through the daily study and application of God’s word.
  • You can be God’s hands. Utilize your spiritual and natural gifts, learned skills, hobbies, career etc. in the service of God’s purposes and God’s people.
  • Share the good news of Jesus, the convictions of your faith, the works of Christ and His love for humanity with others around you.

our vision

  • First, with God: in a daily lifestyle of devotion (a continuous and intimate communication between us and our God) and dedication (a life of service, sacrifice and commitment to the interests and purposes of God). We believe that Jesus died so we could have uninterrupted connection with the Father.
  • Then, to one another: raising and creating a community of Jesus-centered, purpose-driven youth. We believe that no one is meant to do life alone. And God has called the His church to provide the support, comradery, comfort and encouragement needed as we represent His name and kingdom on earth.

We believe that God created you for a unique and specific reason and discovering that purpose is His will for you; and it will influence your daily life. We are called to help you and equip you to discover and achieve that purpose in your youth. While connecting you with a larger community of believers just like you; who realize that their purpose needs more than an “Army of One.” A community committed to partner with you as your partner with God to fulfil His purpose for your life

Destiny is the totality of God’s chosen options for us. At HCF we believe that your destiny is the expected end prepared and kept for you in the heart of God (Jeremiah 29:11). But it can be affected but also that destiny‘s path is paved or marred by the choices and decisions made today. We want to raise a community of believing youth who make better choices by the help of the Holy Spirit.




When all is said and done all you will have is your legacy. Our legacy is community; a people transformed by one another. Our legacy is impact; living purposefully till our world is changed.​


We believe that the spirit in us is an excellent spirit. We put in our best every time. We are concerned about details and committed to improvement.


We value the connections we make, the people God brings and the friends we earned. We are committed to building and sustaining relationships and we never take them for granted.


Working together as one is Jesus’ prayer and God’s desire. At HCF we always work together and we promote individuality not independence.

Meet our pastor

Pastor Olaniyi Osadare is the founding Pastor of Hnaub Christian Fellowship. Having received the vision for a wonderful house that caters, especially to young people, Pastor Olaniyi’s journey as a servant of God has been phenomenal. His passion for helping young people realize their God-given purpose, his sincere concern for everyone around of him, his total commitment to God, his drive for excellence, his exemplary leadership skills as well as his ever-present smile have endeared him to the hearts of many. This multi-faceted man has served under several notable men of God and today his over 15 years’ experience speak for him as HCF has under his dynamic leadership, evolved to become one of the most reputable churches in Cotonou and his testimony is in the transformed lives that God has used him to reform, nurture, reshape and release into destiny. Connect with him on Facebook and twitter


Address: Four buildings left of Hotel Casa Cornelia, PK10 (Pekadix) Cotonou, Benin Republic.

Phone: (229) 94 61 74 77


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